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On call 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Contact Person: Kevin Willersdorf
Location Address: Reed Street, Murrayville VIC 3512
Website: www.ses.vic.gov.au

The State Emergency Service is a volunteer based organisation responding to emergencies and working to ensure the safety of communities. They also provide assistance to other emergency services such as Police and to municipal councils in planning and auditing their emergency management plans.

The Murrayville branch of the SES was formed in 1980 and have conducted ‘Driver Survivor Stops’ during public holidays at the Lions Park for many years. They respond to vehicle accidents, storm damage, fires and search and rescue incidents. The Murrayville headquarters of the State Emergency Service are located in the recently renovated Court House. Made up of volunteers from a variety of ages, professions and backgrounds, they are all linked in their desire to work as part of a team that gives back to the Murrayville community.

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