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A beautiful park and playground situated up the main street with BBQ facilities has become a meeting place and hub for community gatherings.

Location Address: Cnr Reed & Gray Streets, Murrayville VIC 3512

This location was home to a wine saloon called the Victoria Hotel. Over the years it has been used by the State Electrical Service as well as a Dalgety agency owned by M & B Willersdorf, who bought the bulding in 1973.

In 1986, the then Walpeup Shire declared the building unsafe and it was later demolished.  The cleared land was bought by the council in November 1988 and turned it into the park that it is today.

The park becomes home to the MRCC Mobile Library every Wednesday, as well as it being a community facility, available for use to the public for general gatherings and celebrations. It also is home to our yearly Community Christmas Eve Celebrations and Australia Day Breakfast.

66_Mobile Library 66_Christmas in the Park

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