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A nine hole course set amongst mallee scrubland!

Contact Person: Drew Crane – President : Sam Parker – Secretary
Phone Number: (03) 5095 2143
Mobile Number: 0429 952 143
Location Address: Rec Reserve Road, Murrayville VIC 3512

The first Murrayville golf course was located around the railway yards, however, the present nine hole course, which was designed in the early 1930’s by Mr M. O’Connell, is now situated at the Murrayville Recreation Reserve in and around the other sporting facilities. It measures approximately a distance of 5858m, is a par 74 and features watered tee offs, sand scrapes and dry course fairways which turn to green when the winter rains come. The course is operational between April – September, with green fees being only $2.

In 1922 the Murrayville Golf Club had 25 members and it continued to flourish until 1940 when it went into recess, commnecing again in 1947 with 20 members. The clubhouse was opened on 24th September 1959, with the Lilley family being heavily involved with its erection.

Events on the golf program include the Annual Tournament, RSL Digger’s Day and the Murrayville Hotel / Motel Day. Today the MGC has between 40 – 50 members, who take to the course on a Sunday.

Life members of the MGC inlcude C. C. Pahl, J. J. Rice, Mrs F. Southwell, Mrs C. Pahl, H. C. Abbetmyer, Mrs E. Coenraad, John Kingdon, Mrs Kathleen Kingdon, John (Jack) Walker and Mrs Jean Ross.

We believe that sport has always been an important part of our life in Murrayville and is one of the main social fabrics that keeps our community together. The following clubs rely heavily on the work of volunteers to give our residents a favourite pastime to play all throughout the year.
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