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It’s pleasant surrounds and committed staff provide an ideal environment for the development of young minds which has led to a strong legacy of high achievement in all year levels.

Contact Person: Natasha Mudie
Phone Number: (03) 5095 2001
Location Address: 20 Francis Street, Murrayville VIC 3512
Email Address: murrayville.cc@edumail.vic.gov.au
Website: www.murrayvillecc.vic.edu.au

Murrayville Community College is a State P-12 school. The vision of the College is to provide quality education that empowers students to develop the academic and personal skills needed to pursue their aspirations enabling them to function successfully in a changing society.

Murrayville Community College provides quality programs for students, and recognises the need to accept change and the challenges that are associated with those changes. Developing traditions, recognising achievements, fostering and rewarding both student effort and excellence all build motivation and self-esteem. The Environment Goal indicates the College values an environment in which all community members respect each other, are valued and accountable for their actions. The College has an excellent reputation for the educational achievements of its students. Small student numbers are seen to provide a huge advantage in that staff and students have a good knowledge of each other and a very caring attitude is evident. The College staff aims to provide a full range of opportunities for all students and to ensure they are not disadvantaged by their location.

The College grounds are on 10 hectares with provision for agricultural activities, play areas, formal game areas and quiet recreation beneath shaded covers. The overall impression of the grounds is one of an attractive, well-planned and spacious environment appropriate to the needs of the school and its students. The College has excellent facilities and plenty of space with both staff and students taking pride in its appearance. The school has commenced maintenance / replacement in relation to buildings, furnishings and equipment and several major projects have recently been completed to upgrade and enhance existing facilities. The College emphasises the provision of learning technologies resources Prep – Year 6 with the current computer to student ratio being 1:3. The refurbishment of the computer room has commenced and under a DE&T grant, a ‘pod’ of computers has been placed in the Library for student and staff use.
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