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Murrayville and the Mallee ... what a spectacular place to be!

Be sure to pay a visit to the Mallee and the beautiful little town of Murrayville.  Our landscape and gardens become a vibrant display of colour as our flowers begin to bloom and fruit trees start to blossom.  It's a great time to be outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather so why not pay a visit to our new playground located in the main street of Murrayville?

The town of Murrayville is located 22km east of the South Australian border on the Mallee Highway in the heart of the unique Mallee country in north-west Victoria. Murrayville is a prosperous and well-appointed small town in an agricultural corridor bounded on the north by the vast Murray-Sunset National Park and on the south by the Big Desert Wilderness Park. It is described as the ‘Gateway to the Victorian Outback’ and it is no wonder considering there are so many fascinating attractions and activities in and around this Mallee town.

Murrayville has so much to offer and is an ideal place to stay and explore the many wonders of the Mallee. Be amazed by the unique wildflowers and wildlife, beautiful sunsets and a fascinating history like no other place in Victoria. The roadsides provide a vivid floral display from July to December with wattles in bloom and then hop bushes covered in their colourful seed pods. A 4WD is optional, as some of the area’s best wildflowers grow within the town perimeter.




If you are looking to escape the 'rat-race' Murrayville has several properties for sale.. There is opportunity for small business operators, and a need for tradespeople in various fields.

For real estate search for 'real estate, Murrayville, Australia' in your preferred search engine.



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